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online seminar: communication with ignorants

24. Okt. 2024 - 24. Okt. 2024

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Climate deniers, anti-vaxxers, fake news. Why are ignoramuses so easily able to penetrate with their messages? Why does their communication work so well, and how can we counteract it? Ignoramuses use specific techniques and structures in their communication to throw their opponents off balance. It's rarely about the content itself but rather about a display of power. By understanding the mechanisms behind it, these structures can be dismantled, allowing one to counter the ignoramus in such a way that their method becomes ineffective. It's more about achieving a stalemate rather than winning or losing. In this three-hour live seminar for up to 20 participants, we will explore the structure of ignoramus communication and learn how to use it to our advantage. Learn how High Talk, Basic Talk, and Move Talk work, their psychological impact, and how to use them against the ignoramuses themselves. This course is aimed at anyone who has to communicate frequently in their professional and private life and often finds it challenging to deal with ignoramuses. STRUCTURE OF THE LIVE SEMINAR How is communication structured? How do ignoramuses communicate? How do ignoramuses use gestures and facial expressions? How can you apply these strategies yourself? Michael Krieger is a communicator in the field of energy transition and has dealt with various people who aim to find common solutions in a challenging environment, even when positions are diametrically opposed. Drawing from over ten years of experience, he provides insights into the practice of ignoramus communication and offers simple tips and tricks to dismantle it.

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